BOSCH 276 Litres Built In Bottom Freezer Refrigerator KIV38X22GB

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Serie | 2 built-in fridge-freezer with freezer at bottom177.2 x 54.1 cm
Main information about features & specifications:
The bottomfreezer with vegetable drawer: lots of space for your fruits and vegetables
MultiBox: transparent drawer with wave bottom
ideal for the storage of fruits and vegetables
The new organized shelving system
paired with LED lighting
clearly displays all freezer items!
FreshSense: Internal sensors monitor the internal and external temperatures and adjust to provide longer freshness
MultiBox drawer with a corrugated bottom keeps freshness of fruits and vegetables much more longer than standart freshness system
Energy Efficiency Class: No
Total capacity: 294 litres
Airborne acoustical noise emissions: 40 dB dB(A) re 1 pW
Climate Class SN-ST
Capacity refrigeration zone:222 litres
5 safety glass shelves of which 4 are height adjustable
5 large door shelves
Freezer capacity: 72 litres
Freezing capacity: 6 kg in 24 hours
Storage time in power failure: 13 Hours
3 transparent freezer drawers
Freezing calendar
Dimensions: H 177.2 cm x L 54.1 cm x D 54.5 cm
Niche Dimension H X W x D: 177.5 cm cm x 56.2 cm x 55 cm
Gross capacity
total: 294 L
Gross capacity cooling 222 l
Based on the results of the standard 25-hour test. Actual consumption depends on usage/position of the appliance
Gross capacity**** freezer: 72 l (-18°C and below)
Width of the product (mm):541 mm
Height of the product (mm):1
772 mm
Required niche size for installation (HxWxD):1775.0 x 562.0 x 550 mm
Sum of volume of chill compartments (EU 2017/1369) :217 L
Sum of volume of frozen compartments (EU 2017/1369):64 L
Energy Efficiency Class (Regulation (EU) 2017/1369): G
Average annual energy consumption in kilowatt hour per year (kWh/a)
(EU) 2017/1369:341 kWh/annum
Temperature display fridge:No temperature indication
Airborne acoustical noise emissions (EU 2017/1369): 40 dB(A) re 1 pW
Door hinge:Right reversible
Shelves for Bottles
Length electrical supply cord (cm):230 cm
Included accessories:1 x butter dish
Airborne acoustical noise emission class (EU 2017/1369):C
Depth of the product: 545 mm
Height of the product (mm):1
772 mm
Required niche size for installation (HxWxD):1775.0 x 562.0 x 550 mm
Net weight (kg):56.913 kg
Width of the product (mm): 541 mm