BEKO Turkish Coffee Machine Double Pot TKM8961K

AED 1299.00 (VAT Included)

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Product Group:
• Turkish Coffee Machine.

• Foamy authentic Turkish coffee taste that does not overflow thanks to Cook sense Technology.
• Anti Spill technology allows protecting over flow
• Spin jet technology that decides water quantity according to cup size

Functions & Features:
• User insight driven product briefing
• 3D cooking with Induction heater that maintains a consistent and precise temperature
• Removable water tank with 1.5 L capacity
• Stainless steel coffee pods
• Cup size selection
• Up to 6 cups of coffee at one time
• Cancel function while working
• Induction technology for fast warming and cooling feature
• Spin jet technology that decides water quantity
• Anti spill technology
• Cook sense Technology for foamy authentic Turkish coffee taste

Performance & Consumption:
• Power (W) - 1100 watts [joules/second]
• Voltage (V) - 220 - 240

Dimensions & Weight:
• H x W x D: 22.8 x 28.0 x 21.5 cm

The Beko Midi Keyf is designed to brew Turkish coffee at a precise temperature to produce a rich froth and deep authentic flavor. It uses Cook sense technology to detect the perfect amount of froth and stop the brewing process at just the right time. With a compact stylish design it’s ideal for small kitchens and Turkish coffee lovers with modern tastes.