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BOSCH Series 8 Front Load Washing Machine 9 Kg WAW325H0GC

Extended Warranty

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Delicates programme, Whites and coloureds programme, Easy-care programme, Woollens hand wash programme


1600 rpm

3 Stars


Front Load


1 Year

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Product Overview

The right wash for the right stain.

With the AntiStain Removal system, your washing machine or washer-dryer can tackle four stubborn types of stain with ease. It automatically adjusts the temperature, drum movement and soaking time to easily remove up to four of the most stubborn stains fully automatically. It’s the perfect way to remove butter or oil, grass, red wine and blood stains.

Smart appliances make life easier.

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The future has arrived and it’s knocking on your front door. Home Connect brings smart technology to your appliances and lets you control them with your phone or tablet.

The right recommendation for the right job.

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Selecting the right program for your laundry can not only be confusing, but can often result in less than perfect cleaning results. Home Connect with Easy Start function takes the guesswork out of this job and always recommends the right program to you - directly from your mobile device. Every time. And with every wash. The only thing you need to do is enter your laundry´s colour, material type and degree of soiling in the Home Connect app. So you can easily choose the right program and get perfect results, wash after wash.

Laundry that keeps you in the loop.

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Waiting around for your laundry load to finish can waste time and cause unnecessary stress, especially for those with busy schedules. Home Connect puts your mind at ease and helps you be more productive with your time. If you wish, push notifications can be sent from your washing machine directly to your mobile device, conveniently letting you know the current program status, as well as other useful information. Multitasking in and out of the home just got a little easier.

Technical Overview

Wash optimization
AllergyPlus / Hygiene, rapid 15 min, shirts, Night Wash, quick wash/mixture, sports, Duvet, EcoPerfect, Ready, stain selection, SpeedPerfect, Start / Reload, Temperature, Prewash, higher water level, Spin speed reduction
Noise level washing
48 dB(A) re 1 pW
Noise level spinning
74 dB(A) re 1 pW
Water protection system
Multiple water protection
i-DOS - automatic dosage system
Filling display with dosage recommendation
Reload function
Loading sensor
Degree of dirtiness recognition
Digital countdown indicator
Drying progress indicator
End of cycle indicator
Acoustic, LED-display

Manuals and Downloads

Home Connect

Technical Data Sheet

User Manual

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