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Smart Dishwashers

Weight Test: The efficient and sustainable choice.

Bosch washing machines are designed with the ability to handle extremely heavy weights, for long-lasting durability. In addition to being energy efficient, our products are built to last. This means you can rely on a Bosch washer, dryer or washer dryer to serve you well for the long haul. An EcoSilence Drive motor on our washers and washer dryers even comes with a 10-year motor warranty as testament to its exceptional quality. Plus, a range of different water-, detergent- and energy-saving features helps you live more sustainably in everyday life

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Endurance Test: Fits your needs

Whatever your household size or laundry needs, find the perfect match in our wide range of high quality products. In addition to a wide range of capacities, we also offer something for all budgets and personal preferences. For example, our smart Series 8 products are ideal for those who want a large capacity machine with the latest technologies and cutting-edge features. For a budget-friendly model in Bosch quality, Series 2 is the right fit. Thanks to trusted German engineering, Bosch washing machines are built to last, with the ability to wash up to 10,000 kg of laundry over a single lifetime.

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Stability Test: Perfect for special cleaning needs.

Bosch Home Appliances boast maximum stability, thanks to quality design and materials, making sure that they will endure for long periods of time. Bottom-heavy upright models stand on their own and are easy to move across the floor. A stick model carries its weight higher, meaning you can easily vacuum shelves, the ceiling and other tricky-to-reach places.

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Consumption test: Spotlessly clean and dry dishes

A Bosch dishwasher stands out for its exceptional cleaning and drying abilities. Just what you want, and deserve, from an everyday kitchen workhorse. Different programmes, such as a fast programme, an automatic programme, and an energy-saving eco programme, suit a range of cleaning needs. And smart Wi-Fi capabilities unlock additional benefits. PerfectDry with Zeolith technology ensures each load comes out not just spotlessly clean but also perfectly dry – plastic included. Bosch provides some of the most efficient household solutions that allow you to waste less water and energy on dishwashing, for a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Door Test: What is the best oven brand?

What is the most reliable oven brand? How long do ovens last? What is the best oven to buy? Who makes the best ovens? It's natural to want a high quality appliance that will last for years to come. At Bosch, we offer uncompromising quality, technical perfection and maximum-possible reliability – as demonstrated in many independent product tests.

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Eco Test: Sustainable and energy efficient, today and tomorrow

Choosing an energy efficient appliance lowers your running energy costs while also minimising your carbon footprint. Our models with an A energy rating offer the highest energy savings. Made with German engineering and equipped with the latest dishwashing technologies, a high-quality Bosch dishwasher will serve you well for a long time to come. The result: less waste and a lower environmental impact.

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